Ivina Acuña is an operating partner with 15 years of experience in customer support, implementation management, process development, automation, and general operations within SaaS companies.

Prior to joining Spotlight, Ivina worked at ESW Capital, where she helped to integrate the support teams of more than 50 software companies into a single central team. She created and implemented training plans, drove results, and managed a team of over 100 support agents. She improved processes to enhance team efficiency and oversaw the hiring of new level 1, level 2, and customer support managers to scale the team as needed.

In addition to her support experience, Ivina has also worked in operations, managing budgets, developing processes, identifying improvement opportunities, establishing metrics and exploring automation possibilities to optimize business operations.

Ivina graduated from San Carlos University in Guatemala with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing with Legos, and traveling with her husband Julio and their two children, Faby and Angel.