A different kind of value-added partner.

We believe the most successful partnerships are founded on shared values, honest communication, and a common vision. After we complete a transaction, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with management to craft a thoughtful shared vision for the company’s future, and then we work with management as actively-involved partners to turn that vision into reality. We also believe that focus differentiates you, and we work with our portfolio companies to deeply understand those business fundamentals at which they are uniquely good. From there, we concentrate our coordinated efforts on building on those strengths.

Spotlight’s Managing Partners assume active board roles and Spotlight’s Operating Partners dedicate a significant amount of time to working in the day-to-day operations of our portfolio companies’ businesses. Together, we help management grow revenue and optimize key functional areas by implementing the Spotlight Playbook.

Our passion is building businesses, not buying businesses.

Most conventional private equity firms focus on doing deals. At Spotlight, our passion is building businesses, not buying them. Spotlight deliberately holds a smaller number of active investments in its portfolio at any one time. This allows us to focus on doing better deals and adding more value to each of our portfolio companies, as we are able to dedicate a higher level of partner-level attention to building each company in which we are invested.

We find our active involvement with management teams to be incredibly rewarding. Additionally, we take pride in the feedback we consistently receive from management teams about how enjoyable their experience is working with Spotlight to grow their business. To get a better understanding of what it is like to be partnered with Spotlight after closing, we encourage all sellers and management teams who consider partnering with Spotlight to have candid conversations with management teams with whom we currently work or with whom we have worked in the past, as they are among Spotlight’s strongest supporters.

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