Active involvement accelerates growth.

We’ve been in your shoes as operators, having ourselves led companies as C-level executives. Since we’ve run companies, we know that operations – excellent execution of sound strategy – is what drives value creation. We bring this first-hand operators’ perspective to all of our interactions with management teams. Our strategic and tactical guidance to the Chief Executive Officers of our portfolio companies is pragmatic and always guided by what can be practically implemented and executed. We believe Chief Executive Officers have no time for academic, theoretical musings offered by purely financial investors who may have read about operations but who have themselves never run a company.

We are passionate about becoming actively involved with our portfolio companies to help management teams create value through the excellent execution of sound strategy. That’s why we’ve invested in a team of experienced Operating Partners who dedicate their full-time efforts exclusively to helping our portfolio companies’ management teams implement our Spotlight Playbook of repeatable, transferable best operating practices.

This ride isn’t for everyone – if you don’t want help, don’t call us.

If you’re looking for just a financial investor who will provide capital and passively attend quarterly board meetings, then we’re not the right partner for you. After closing, we like to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty working shoulder-to-shoulder with management by implementing vetted procedures and repeatable approaches with which we have had consistent success in the past.

Spotlight’s Managing Partners and Operating Partners work closely with portfolio companies to optimize key functional areas. This active involvement often includes (i) developing and executing growth strategy and tactics, (ii) improving business development, marketing, and sales, including making introductions to prospective customers, (iii) enhancing systems, processes, and infrastructure, (iv) evaluating the company’s organization and recruiting key talent, (v) revamping pricing structures and go-to-market approaches, (vi) refining and prioritizing product roadmaps, (vii) augmenting financial controls and providing access to capital, (viii) in some instances, identifying and executing add-on acquisitions, and (ix) maximizing exit value.

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