Changing the way you think about private equity.

We believe private equity, as an industry, has drifted from its roots. All too often today, conventional private equity firms view private equity as a money business and believe that value is created through accumulating assets, financial engineering, and doing many deals. We’re different. We believe our business is people, not money. Our passion is building businesses, not buying them.

Relationships matter.

We believe in cultivating relationships that last well beyond the time horizon of any one deal. That’s why some of our most enduring relationships are with management teams with whom we first partnered years ago. Many of the management teams with whom we have worked in the past remain part of the Spotlight ecosystem beyond our investment in their particular company. Spotlight portfolio company executives have gone on to invest alongside us in other Spotlight acquisitions, and they have become actively involved in helping create value at our other portfolio companies.

We value big ideas, not big egos.

When we interact with our management teams, we check our egos at the door and we expect everyone else to do the same. We believe the solution matters, not the source. At Spotlight, we believe spirited debate leads to better decisions, and we are committed to a culture of high standards and continual improvement. Every interaction we have with our portfolio company management teams is based on mutual trust and respect. We are energetic and approachable, and we strive to make the experience management teams have working with Spotlight among the most enjoyable and rewarding chapters of their professional careers.

Long-term Capital

Long-run perspective requires long-term capital. Spotlight invests only long-term, patient capital, which provides better alignment between Spotlight and management teams.

Operations Expertise

Active involvement accelerates growth. We’ve been in your shoes as operators, and we are passionate about becoming actively involved to help management create value.

Spotlight Playbook

Never solve the same problem twice. Our Spotlight Playbook captures repeatable best practices that we help implement at each of our portfolio companies.